I'm Morgan Givens. I'm a storyteller, writer, performer and audio producer based in Washington, DC. (I also help out with NPR and WAMUs 1A). I’m a recent graduate of the Transom Storytelling Workshop where I produced my piece Runaway. Rob Rosenthal, the lead instructor at Transom and the host of HowSound, interviewed me about the piece. I've been featured in the Washington Post, Buzzfeed, performed at Story District's Top Shelf, NPRs Invisibilia and I participated in the 2017 panel on the Art of Nonfiction Podcasting at the AFI Documentary Film Festival. I’m also the creator of the podcast Flyest Fables where I use immersive sound design and beautiful writing to bring back to life the kid in all of us. (Transcriptions are available starting here.)

We all feel, in some place within us, that not only are stories necessary, but they are essential to our shared humanity. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie cautions against the dangers of having a single narrative. As an audio producer, and a transman, my goal in life is to tell the stories that challenge the narrative surrounding marginalized peoples, and to allow people to speak for themselves - to share their stories, elevate their voices, and shed a little light on some of the darkness. 

Thanks for stopping by. Take a look around, you won't be disappointed.