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Have you ever had a moment, an interaction with another person, that sat with you days after it happened? Was it an instance where you failed as a person, maybe learned something new about humanity and yourself, or maybe it was just a moment where you learned more about the world in that single encounter than you had in the last years of your life...

These are the stories Dispatches works to untangle. With honest storytelling, raw vulnerability, and a belief that we all have further to go on our path to being better people, Dispatches tackles the hard conversations surrounding the complicated nature of human interaction from those we hear from the least. 

Are we living up to our full potential?

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Audio Producer

My career has taken me from the streets of Washington, DC as a police officer, where I worked to re-tool the training curriculum of all incoming DC officers, to the linoleum lined halls of our nation's prisons where I worked to eliminate sexual violence - even speaking at President Obama's White House addressing 21st Century Policing.

Eventually, I found myself at WAMU as an intern for NPRs 1A, before being offered a position as a part-time associate producer. It's always about telling stories, but the best part? Is making words sing for our listeners.

Here's some of the most recent work I've produced:

An interview with Salim Akil, the showrunner and co-creator of the CW's Black Lightning.

A conversation surrounding the disappeared Ayotzinapa students from Guerrero, Mexico. 

What actually goes on in the mind of a potential school shooter?

Black Women's Political Power and the Savior Syndrome

An interview with Eric Holder

Mass Reflection: Catholics Face Their Faith After Another Sex Abuse Scandal

Why It’s Hard to Change Our Minds About Climate Change

Sixteen Shots. Four Years. One Conviction.

Once, I was even a guest on 1A:

 A review of the film Saturday Church, about a teenager struggling with their gender identity.